Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Hanukkah and Christmas are just a few of the many holidays we celebrate in the USA. Holiday animation gives a decorative appeal, 'magic' and entertainment to enhance the celebration spirit and is well suited to in-store displays and windows.

An animated display can be designed to demonstrate the use and function of your product. We've made displays of bicycles, vacuum cleaners and waterproofing materials, just to name a few.

Animation can assist in the presentation of children's merchandise through the use of an animated plush figure. Animation captures the child in everyone and will most certainly present your children's products with style and fascination.

An animated mannequin can be used to model clothing. The addition of motion to an otherwise static mannequin will show off that new clothing style or design and capture your audience even more.

Audio animation is sound in the form of music, story telling, singing or sound effects. Like motion, sound can be used to attract attention, to entertainment or teach, or just an interesting novelty. The marriage of sound and motion is a sure way to get attention.